Upcoming Event: News From the Great War 1914 – 1918Wednesday, 1 October 2014, Goethe-Institut London

Alexander Kluge: Part of the series Images of World War One
Wednesday, 1 October 2014, 7pm
Goethe-Institut London, 50 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2PH
(£3 / free for Goethe-Institut language students and library members, booking essential
Booking at +44 20 75964000; info@london.goethe.org)

In an evening of screenings, readings and discussion, Alexander Kluge, one of Germany’s most significant and versatile intellectual figures since the 1960s, will present his film News from the Great War 1914–1918. He will also read selected short stories and talk with Germanist and film historian Martin Brady of King’s College London about his work.
Divided into more than 30 sequences, the film assembles archive material, interviews with historians such as Christopher Clark and Gerd Krumeich, as well as conversations with historical figures played by actors to reflect on the First World War. In his typical inquisitive mode, he traces curious aspects of the war and explores what relevance it has for us today. The war that introduced devastating new weapons and involved countries as far away as Afghanistan, also had an impact on Kluge’s own family.
Germany 2014. Colour, 94 mins. With English subtitles. Directed by Alexander Kluge. With Helge Schneider, Gerd Krumeich, Christopher Clark, Peter Berling, Hannelore Hoger, Alexander Will, Alaric Searle, Max Kaube.
Alexander Kluge will be present.

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book-smallIf Marx’s opus Capital provided the foundational account of the forces of production in all of their objective, machine formats, what happens when the concepts of political economy are applied not to dead labor, but to its living counterpart, the human subject? The result is Alexander Kluge and Oskar Negt’s History and Obstinacy, a groundbreaking archaeology of the labor power that has been cultivated in the human body over the last two thousand years. Supplementing classical political economy with the insights of fields ranging from psychoanalysis and phenomenology to evolutionary anthropology and systems theory, History and Obstinacy reaches down into the deepest strata of unconscious thought, genetic memory, and cellular life to examine the complex ecology of expropriation and resistance.
First published in German 1981, and never before translated into English, this epochal collaboration between Kluge and Negt has now been edited, expanded, and updated by the authors in response to global developments of the last decade to create an entirely new analysis of “the capitalism within us.
576 Pages
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