Alexander Kluge – Politics of Emotion (Porto/ Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira – Fundaçao Serralves, Portugal)

Vom 14. Juli bis zum 14. November 2021 findet im House of Cinema (Porto/ Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira – Fundaçao Serralves, Portugal) die Ausstellung Politics of Emotion statt.

Hier der offizielle Pressetext:

A writer, filmmaker and philosopher, Alexander Kluge has produced a vast filmic oeuvre in the last six decades, a labyrinthine worksite for the intersection of disparate forms and disciplinary fields as well as a kaleidoscopic synthesis of questions and perplexities that permeate the multiple fronts of his political and cultural engagement.

Bringing together a critique of rationalism with an aesthetics of resistance, Kluge’s work gravitates around fiction, the social sciences, film theory, history and the history of television. His narrative project is an analysis of fragments, in which the artist requires an abandonment to the kairos, that opportune and auspicious moment, which occurs unexpectedly and which cannot but be the here and now of thought and action. Subscribing to the critical theory of the so-called ‘Frankfurt School’, which appeals to the urgency of generating a tension between thought and the present, Kluge is an exorcist of historical repression, bringing into the light ‘an historiography of the unconscious’, which he calls ‘politics of emotion’.

Invited to deepen his dialogue with Manoel de Oliveira, Alexander Kluge took advantage of the kairos of this first exhibition in Portugal to address the film Os Canibais [The Cannibals, 1988]. Specially produced for this presentation at Serralves and in accordance with his interest in the opera, Hommage zu Manoel de Oliveira’s Film-Oper Os Canibais (2021) creates a resonance between that film and other cultural, historical and political references that marked the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Curated by António Preto and Vincent Pauval

Ebenfalls veröffentlicht wurde vor kurzem der zweite Band von Cronica dos sentimentos (BCF editores, Lisboa, 2021). Weitere Informationen dazu finden Sie auf Alexander Kluges Website