Kluge is visiting Princeton and New York (October 20-24)

Alexander Kluge, Author & Filmmaker © Kirchgessner

Alexander Kluge, Author & Filmmaker © Kirchgessner

Author and filmmaker Alexander Kluge will be visiting the east coast for a series of screenings and events this week.
Invited by the Princeton University Department of German, Kluge will be holding a narration with readings, lectures, conversations, and screenings of his new video and film work on Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st.
On Friday the 21st and Saturday the 22nd, the Anthology Film Archives are also organizing screenings of some of his famed feature films from the 1960s-80s and give you the rare opportunity to dip into the vast body of video work he has created over the past 30 years. Kluge will attend Q&A sessions on the Saturday.
Kluge will also make appearances at the Goethe-Institut on Sunday, October 23rd, for a special soiree with literature, film, and music with guest Ben Lerner, and at MoMA on Monday, October 24th, for an evening of film and conversation as part of the Modern Mondays series.

A selection of Kluge’s work

button-inhabitants-cosmos► We the inhabitants of the cosmos
The Milky Way is a flat, spiraling distributed mass of stars. The cells know everything right down to the stars.

button-waiter-who-became-billionaire► The Waiter who became a Billionaire
Helge Schneider as the waiter who became a billionaire and once he was a billionaire, wanted to be a waiter again.

button-money-makes-things-mobile► Money Makes Things Mobile
Money was always able to make big things smaller and small things bigger. Alexander Kluge interviews Joseph Vogl.

All English speaking or subtiteled videos can be found in this playlist. ► Capitalism and History