The Eye Of The Dragonfly (Part 1)

Dragonflies have the largest compound eyes of any insect, each containing up to 30,000 facets. Each facet points in a slightly different direction and creates its own image, and the dragonfly’s brain compiles these thousands of images into one picture. This eye structure enables dragonflies to be extremely sensitive to motion. Because a dragonfly’s eyes wrap around its head, it can see in all directions at the same time.

Part of with English subtitles.

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► Capital’s Addiction To The Future


► Desire Is A Goat


► Essential Powers Of Man


►How Much Blood And Horror


►I Have Moved Mountains


►Images From The Industrial Past


►Ingeborg Bachmann – To The Sun


►I’ve Never Seen Two Dogs Exchange A Bone


►Lament Of The Unwanted Product


►Lightning A Cigarette In Thin Air


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►One Person Is The Mirror Of Another